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about the band

Like so many musicians of his generation, Martino Gasparrini's musical endeavours started on a laptop. His first primitive attempt at any sort of musical statement came in the form of an album at age eleven. This involved 18 terrible tracks made with GarageBand loops and the laptop's microphone. Going forward quite a few years, Martino started uploading more serious guitar-driven albums onto Bandcamp. With the project's name taken from a The Robot Ate Me song, Parachute Words became his main moniker for releasing music. After leaving probably too many lo-fi Bandcamp albums in his wake, the latest album “One More Time With Feeling” has been the first album foray into recording in a proper studio. The band's DIY attitude comes not only from necessity but in order to maintain an honest and rough around the edges aesthetic.


Taking inspiration from American acts like Frankie Cosmos, Car Seat Headrest, Neutral Milk Hotel and Alex G, the London live iteration of the band has been playing live for the last three years, with Ollie Cox on bass, Tony Lea on guitar, George Barker on drums, Rosa Fisher on violin and Martino on vocals and guitar.

Parachute Words started from the bedroom recordings of Martino Gasparrini. Following the likes of Frankie Cosmos, Alex G and Car Seat Headrest, he began uploading albums on Bandcamp. Starting out with raw lo-fi home recordings, the band's albums have improved with every release, leaving a trail of guitar indie rock albums in their wake. Based in London, the band has played several headline shows at The Victoria and The Islington. They have been featured on numerous blogs and playlists including BIRP.FM, IndieFolkRadio, Indiemono and For The Rabbits with "It's Quiet" being included on the Spotify playlist "Fresh Finds: Six Strings".

band members for 'sunshine!!':

Martino Gasparrini - Vocals & Guitar

Ollie Cox - Bass Guitar

James Knoer - Drums

Rosa Fisher - Violin 

(Regular Band Members) 

George Baker - Drums 

Tony Lea - Guitar 

about the song

Sunshine!! is a song about global warming. It might not seem obvious at first but that is the point. The idea that the sun is shining bright is usually taken as a good thing, with it meaning that it is a nice warm day outside. The sarcastic chorus "The sun is shining always brighter" is a play on that, since with climate change the fact that it's getting hotter is actually an alarming thing. The song starts with a seemingly innocent day at the beach "The weather's hot like you like it / the water's cool like you hoped it" but as the verse progresses you start to find out that the world in which these characters inhabit is a lot more hostile than what was previously assumed. With sharks being closer to shore (something that has been said will happen with rising sea levels) and having to carry weapons around for your own protection. This all builds up to describe a standoff at gunpoint on a beach in a bleak post-apocalyptic world where climate change has already happened and everyone is out for themselves. 

While the verses describe these events (Inside outside the bullet goes / a splash of blood soaks the sand) the story is cut by the sarcastic chorus. To add to this juxtaposition the music is upbeat and happy, with the guitars playing an energetic rhythmic chord progression and riff. Occasionally there are aggressive mixing cuts or noisy violin and guitar passages to further emphasise this. To top it all off there are a lot of lyrical references to The Beach Boys' song "Surfin' USA" (bushy bushy blonde hairdo / inside-outside / Californi-a / Huarache sandals) since their songs are always incredibly jolly and positive about the beach-going culture, I thought it would be another fun juxtaposition to a song about a gunfight on a beach in a post-climate change world. 


The weather's hot like you like it

The water's cool like you hoped it

Bushy bushy blonde hairdo

Better keep your valuables out of sight

Nobody's gone surfing

I've heard the sharks will come in quick

Californi-a is a sinking ship

Better keep your gun to your breast


The sun is shining always brighter

The sun is shining always brighter


Don't let them see you're shaking

Inside outside the bullet goes

A splash of blood soaks the sand

Huarache sandals hit the grass


The sun is shining always brighter

The sun is shining always brighter


(it's cold out what's all this fuss about)

A couple of degrees sure don't feel much

The water is rising fast who knows how long we will last


The sun is shining always brighter

The sun is shining always brighter

The sun is shining always brighter

The sun is shining always brighter


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past releases

This latest single chronicles Martino's experience through the ongoing lockdown. Living with his girlfriend who has been hit by the virus he has had to sleep on the floor and keep a distance while taking care of her. The song came out during those days and the difficulties involved living through it. The entire thing ended up being recorded in the same corner that the song was conceived in, as seen on the single artwork. 


The band has been playing live in London for the past 3 years accumulating serval headline shows at the Victoria in Dalston. In the past, the band has been featured on numerous blogs, radios and playlists including BIRP.FM, IndieFolkRadio, Indiemono, The Indie Folx and For The Rabbits. Recently the single It's Quiet has been included in the official Spotify playlist "Fresh Finds: Six Strings."

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Parachute Words regularly post videos of original songs and covers on their Youtube page

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