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Anna Stephens

Founder & Senior Publicist

My background is actually pretty varied, but it's all underpinned by a love of the arts. I've lived in some amazing cities including Paris, Oxford and Venice, working across art galleries. I then moved to the music-loving city of Manchester, UK to pursue songwriting and singing. I've met some incredible people along the way, in all areas of the music industry; from labels to management and promotion. Back in my hometown in the North-East of England I set up Decent, working with local talent to start with. Now I get to work with artists all over the world, and it's an absolute thrill. Singing will always be my therapy and I will always make music, but I equally LOVE running Decent.

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Anna Kate


Having been surrounded by music my whole life I've always had a love for it, though I haven't always worked in the industry. From school I developed a love for cooking & the food industry. I think this was influenced by having a mum who's a great cook so always having homemade food around the house! I studied in Oxford & trained as a professional chef in a University College. I just love how surprising flavour can be when you experiment! I lived in Oxfordshire until age 22 & have been lucky enough to see lots of live music growing up. This, and having an older brother who played drums in several bands inspired me to learn to play piano from a young age (though a bit rusty now!). I'm now in Devon, lapping up the views & coastal walks mostly with my partner who also does playlisting!

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Stars Walker

Social Media Manager

Hailing from Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK, I began and continue my musical journey as a musician. Lead singer or Bang Bang Romeo, a 4 piece with a top 5 iTunes debut album, toured with P!NK, Sting, Rag n Bone man and many more. Adorned main stages of the biggest festivals in Europe and played venues such as Wembley Stadium, Berlin Olympia Stadium, the O2 and more. Digital marketing, social media and PR is something that I have had to obsess over as an artist in my own right. Social media campaigns are a huge piece to the creative, successful and established artist puzzle. Within the digital marketing field, I have managed marketing for multimillion pounds corporations from the cooperate world, to the artistic, to hospitality. Let’s get creative together shall we…


Sam Blackstock

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Tyler Gibb

Head of Artist Liaison 

My background was working in the B2B marketing space for client services delivering marketing campaigns for major international brands. I was always involved in Music working with artists in a management capacity as well as curating festival stages and helping bands to secure slots at major festivals in the UK. After 15 years in the B2B space I moved full time into Music PR and have worked across many verticals working with Independent and major artists helping to grow their audiences.  A highlight so far was managing an artist and securing a record deal which then led to UK support slots for the legendary UK band ' The Libertines'.

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James Lawson


I’m James: a music journalist based in Sheffield. I’ve worked in many areas of writing, including content writing for various businesses in Yorkshire, as well as newspaper journalism. My main passion in writing, however, has always been music journalism. At Decent, I work to acquire press exposure for the talented bands and artists that we work with. It’s amazing to see the range of artists out there. Working with all types of artists from rappers to alternative hip-hop artists to heavy metal bands is fascinating. I love championing artists and supporting them in their journey, no matter where they’re from or what genre they are.

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Adam Holborn 

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Artist Liaison Executive

I’ve been actively involved in the music scene in Cardiff since my early teens, performing & writing in bands as well as booking and promoting shows for international artists looking to tour through the city. My love of music came from my family and the people I grew up with alongside skate videos, tv and film. While naturally being drawn to guitar music early on, my love for music has continued to grow & extends across a wide range of genres, finding excitement from melody, lyrical content & rhythm. My experience as a songwriter & artist, coupled with my professional experiences managing a music venue/late night bar allow me to take a pragmatic & strategic approach to arts, while also possessing the empathy & understanding of what it takes to be a creator in this day & age.

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Bartek Kaczmarczyk

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Artist Liaison Executive

Originally from Poland, my parents were obsessed with everything from Dr Dre to Sepultura. This led me to exploring all forms of music, eventually crafting my own lane and falling in love with the Grime and UK Rap genres I grew up with in the 2000s in South London. Eventually, I went on to co-create my grassroots music and art collective - Wabiyo, inspired by the unique and wide ranging experiences of the youth in London. I then had a successful career in radio, working at Rinse FM, producing shows as well as events. This allowed me to get a real grip of the nuances of the music industry landscape, its beauty as well as its challenges, especially those faced by independent artists. With Decent I want to push strategies that allow those artists to be seen and loved for the incredible content they create.

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Rachel Burkitt

Radio Plugger

I started off in the industry around 11 years ago writing press-releases and reviews on upcoming artists and projects, since then I have worked for a number of different brands and labels covering most areas from content researching to bookings and music programming. Having originally started exploring within the fashion photography industry, music ended up following through as it was something I always grew up around and felt natural to me. I thrive to help others in the industry who are starting out and/or seeking to get recognised and it’s always been a big passion of mine, as I myself started in the same position. I'm delighted to be involved with the Decent Music PR team as they share these values of ensuring artists get an authentic platform and supportive coverage in reaching their personal goals.

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Amy Lilley

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Artist Liaison Executive

I was born and raised in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. A music nerd to the death, I have been working in the music industry for over six years, predominantly in events, artist relations and songwriting. Working with some of the best talent in South Africa, I decided to bring my unique skill set to London and engage in making the music scene more inclusive and diverse from one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world. Today, I have made the move into A&R, to help artists understand the landscape of the industry and make people stand up and notice someone special.

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Anna Stepney

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I enjoy a full and varied career within the music industry. I'm one half of electropop duo Moodbay and also founder of Decent Music. I'm passionate about everything to do with the creation and promotion of music. At the core of Decent is a respect for the artists seeking to promote their work. We strive to offer an honest and transparent service to everyone we work with.

MUSIC TASTE: BANKS, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Lykke Li, Portishead, Little Dragon, Massive Attack

Management Intern

I am a twenty-two-year-old student currently studying Creative Business in the Netherlands. My ethnicity is mixed white/black Caribbean which has significantly impacted who I am as a person as well as my musical preferences. I am extremely passionate about music, including the process of creating music to music distribution. I currently act as an advisor to up-and-coming musicians, and I regularly work as a producer & engineer. I obtained my Grade 3 certificate in piano at the age of 11 and have since learnt basic drums and bass guitar. I have collaborated with several artists in various genres and attended various industry events for networking purposes. I regularly release beats on SoundCloud under the name TRYB (tribe) and I pride myself in being a multi-genre producer. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, athletic, and motivated individual who is passionate about making great music and creating meaningful business relationships.

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