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Upcoming Single: "Wildlife"

Release Date: 13th November 2020 

About marq electronica

"Hi welcome to my electro world of synth heavy music. 

Originally from Middlesbrough I’ve been living in Newcastle for the majority of my life and working as a singer, collaborating with local artists and performing as lead singer in the synth-rock band Sapien Trace. I've organised musical events and performed for over a decade now and finally got the confidence to release my solo material. Through the belief and support of my bandmates and fellow local artists.


My sound is influenced heavily by RnB and electronic artists from Missy Elliott to Daft Punk, Fever Ray to Goldfrapp and amazing groups like Massive Attack. 


So far my greatest solo achievement was performing at the second stage for Pride on Tyne a few years ago and more recently setting up a “Musicians Against Homelessness” gig where we raised a lot of money and I got to work alongside some fantastic local electronic artists."


- Marq Electronic

About the Track 

Described as a funky one-man music machine MARQ Electronica releases his third solo single and it’s a banger, people! Described as an electronic dance anthem to the average guy in lockdown with an epic synth in the chorus and a trademark funky edge to keep you moving throughout with tongue in cheek lyrics, produced by Brit and Ivor Novello award winner SimonEllis this is a sure-fire winner. “I am working with Simon on a number of tracks and really excited there are some pretty special songs coming your way folks.” Marq says, "The world may be crazy right now so this is a moments release, a fun track we can all identify with to some extent.” Marq is part of up and coming electro-rock band Sapien Trace who have an imminent release and the trip-hop electronica band The Last of The Fallen Angels whose debut single is out now on Parrafin Alien Records. “There is a lot happening right now and that’s just how I like it, I can’t wait to share it all!

Check out the music video for 'wildlife'

a message from marq

“After years singing and writing lyrics and performing in the region with my band, lockdown gave me the opportunity to work on solo material and some exciting collaborations.  I’ve never been that confident writing my own music and lyrics but after sharing some of my songs with friends and fellow musicians they encouraged me to share it with everyone and strike out as a solo artist.”


Marq is also working on future releases with Simon Ellis (the Brit and Ivor novello award winning producer) so watch this space for more electronic musical gems.

Past release

'In A City (Love) - Previous Single

‘In A City (Love)’ is Marq’s fresh single providing a pulse in our playlists this Summer. With a track built on such striking synths and pounding drum lines, it’s often unusual to find a profound lyricism so intertwined within the roots of the song, yet Marq takes us on a journey through a heartbreakingly resonant story; memories of an ex you just can’t seem to shake.

'Get Down And Work It Out' - Previous Single 

"When I wrote this single, I was listening to a lot of house music and out clubbing every weekend and wanted to capture the fun and energy and unity of those amazing nights. However, this song almost didn't happen. I had a few spare hours of studio time that I had paid for and so we worked on the track because I wanted a funky, fun song not as serious as the other music I had recorded. It just grew in collaboration with my brilliant producer at the now defunct Rock It Records. We both really knew what the other wanted from the track and it was great to have that synchronicity and understanding. We had a lot of fun creating it."

- Marq Electronica

'Get Down And Work It Out' YouTube link for video

Marq Electronica's hot take on a classic Queen song

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