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release date: 27th august 2020

about lullaby

Lullaby is the up and coming electro-pop sensation set to refresh our airwaves with wistful vocals and spaced-out synths this summer. With a developing repetoire on Soundcloud, Lullaby is gaining momentum as a hot one to watch this year as their intricate mix of synth lines and vocal melodies accumulate in effortlessly cool tracks. The Southern-Italian singer-songwriter is set to release their debut single on Spotify this August. With self-professed "dreamlike vibes," Lullaby  fresh take on an electro-pop soundtrack results in a sound unique to Lullaby.  

About the song

'See Me Through' is an ethereal journey through Lullaby's intoxicating vocal ability. With her signature poetic lyricism, Lullaby evokes vivid romantic imagery, drawing us into the fantasy of Lulaby's relationship.  With an expertly sculpted synth backing, each layer of Lullaby's instrumentation shines through - whilst Lullaby's softly enticing vocals sail over the top. Written during the lockdown period, Lullaby channels the longing for adventure that rises amidst the loneliness. 


(What do you do

When it's too dark to see?

What do you do 

When it's too narrow to breathe?)

Why don't we just dance

In empty spaces take my 

Trembling hands (but you are the light)

and let me lead (that blaze the trail when I'm lost)

See me through this


Uh Uh Uh Uh x2


Why don't we just kiss at midnight?

Watch the sunrise 

While we fall asleep?

Fantasy worlds from my asleep

Timeless limbo 

Can you hear the waves?

Why don't we just dance

In empty spaces? Take my 

Clammy hands and let me lead

See me through this 

Uh Uh Uh Uh X4

(And even when 

We do not kiss

By heart I know 

How you taste like x2) 

past releases

Lullaby's previous release 'Seashells' can be found on Soundcloud HERE

'Colors' is Lullaby's debut single found on Soundcloud. Released just over a year ago, Lullaby's debut secured her status as an up and coming vocal talent of this year.

Click HERE to check out the track on Spotify

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