It's Anna Stephens here hi :) Most of us know each other already, and I've got you on my radar as a creative from up North. The plan is to build a directory on here for free (I'm getting good amounts of traffic to the site so far, so figured it would be cool to set something up). I am a proud Northerner and musician myself as many of you know, and this pr thing is something I'm doing on the side. Anyhoowws, if you'd like to be part of a directory of creatives based in and around the North-East, UK, please just get everything attached and filled in for me in the form below & I'll get you a profile set up!


It's gonna be organised as you can see below - you'll just click on each tab and it opens various profiles a bit like a dating sate but for musicians, photographers, artists seeking paid work &/or collabs or whatever, it's up to you to write what you like below :D

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 10.40.47.png


- a lil shout out about Decent Music PR on either Instagram or Facebook

- a backlink in the footer of your website (if you have one) to my website

'As seen/listed/found on Decent' or 'In collab with Decent'

or something along those lines, with the word 'Decent' linking directly to my web address (www.decentmusicpr.com)

I am planning to host a number of Decent events as soon as lockdown lifts, with opportunities for networking and live performances, so do stay tuned on our Events tab of this website for those. By sharing on socials and linking from your website to mine, I am helping Decent grow and then we can get something exciting going.