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In the electro-dance realm where genres collide and creativity knows no bounds, there emerges a young artist whose beats transport listeners to otherworldly dimensions. Based in Norway.

Campaign Objective

Whammyboy’s goal was to generate a buzz with the single release and to try to get as much press to promote the EP release on the 22nd September. He wanted to target UK audiences in particular where possible

Single 'Chop It'


Release Date: 22 September 2023

Highlights & Impact


Whammyboy’s single Chop It (released 4th August), was the first campaign Decent worked on with him - for Youtube too.

The artist had been listed on Norwegian national radio stations with several tracks from the EP and has been getting great support from Spotify with editorial listing. He was just starting to get recognition from the likes of Jack Saunders on BBC Introducing, and was planning for his big EP release in September.

We secured press features with a host of outlets including Earmilk and Backseat Mafia, as well as indie darlings Acid Stag and Purple Melon and also high-traffic sites Voice Mag and Music Crowns.

We then ran a Press campaign for ‘Space Pop Vol. 1’ EP, building on the momentum of the single campaign. Earmilk supported again, as did Plastic and Indie Boulevard, as well as high-traffic sites Music News, CULTR and Tagg.

A look at web traffic stats...

Earmilk Lina Screenshot.png
Lina Maxine Screenshot Wonderland (1).png



Youtube Ads

More info coming soon

Watch & Listen

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