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The Narrative

Based in Nashville, this independent alt-pop duo have been crafting a uniquely introspective indie sound since their debut EP ‘Just Say Yes’.

Campaign Objective

The Narrative’s song ‘Crushed’ was part of a four-track EP release, so the aim was to kickstart a healthy listenership for the track, as well as cross-purposing those listeners to the ‘New Anxieties’ EP.

Single 'Crushed'


Release Date: 23rd February 2023

Highlights & Impact

We ran a playlisting campaign for the duo’s single ‘Crushed’ from their 2024 EP ‘New Anxieties’. The playlist did really well, garnering the single over 34,000 streams. We secured placements in indie-rock relevant playlists, including Indie Love Songs, Indie Vibes 2024, Electro Chill and Indie Family | 2024, Floating Gently and Optimism. Algorithmic placements include The Edge of Electropop, The Edge of Indie Poptimism and The Edge of Metropolis. Since the campaign, The Narrative have amassed over 16,800 monthly listeners, with these placement features bringing their sound to a ready and waiting fanbase.

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Watch & Listen

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