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Lauren Walten

London based artist with a poignant and cathartic brand of singer-songwriter pop.

Campaign Objective

With three singles already released, our goal for Lauren Walten's campaign was to continue to build Lauren's Spotify presence. With a specific aim to reach her desired target market, our campaign was focused on genre-specific placements in order to boost her digital fanbase and bolster streams for the release.



Release Date: 5th April 2024

Highlights & Impact

This campaign helped Lauren Walton find fresh audiences and build upon the foundations of her previous releases’ success. As a singer-songwriter, Lauren Walton’s niche lies in the moody, pop ballad realm, and so we targeted these playlists to ensure the track was reaching the right fanbases. These placements include Beautiful Songs, Coastal Walks, Tik Tok Sad Songs, Dreaming At Dawn and many more. Other independent playlists included the likes of SAD VIBES, Pov: You’re The It Girl, Created by Women and the wide-reaching in Europe ‘Músicas Calmas E Relaxantes’. The campaign was a great success, placing Lauren’s captivating release on playlists with a cumulative following of over 490,000.

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Watch & Listen

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