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Dublin born, London-based singer-songwriter Kitty blends emotive vocals, honest lyrics and pop hooks to captivate audiences all over the US and the UK. At just 25 years old, Kitty’s impactful single and EP releases have made waves in the indie-pop scene.

Campaign Objective

Single Sympathy Pains


Release Date: 3rd November 2023

Highlights & Impact

Over a four week campaign, we secured Kitty’s infectiously pop single on a total of seventeen impactful playlists. Notably, Spotify’s own Fresh Finds UK & IE supported the single, sharing the track with their 28,000+ listeners. Genre-specific placements include the wide-reaching Chilling With Feeling, Indie Mellow, Indie Temptations and The Chill Cave. Other placements include the massive Gaming Music 2023 and UK Top Hits 2023. The single was also picked up by the MDSH Youtube Channel; with over 28,000 subscribers, this was a great placement to get the track in the ears of Indie and Pop fans. In total, our playlist campaign shared Kitty's ‘Sympathy Pains’ with over 476,327 individual Spotify listeners.

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For ‘Sympathy Pains’ Digital Press Campaign, we targeted a mix of high tier and genre-specific publications to ensure Kitty’s single was finding its’ target audience. We secured features in Earmilk, Music Crowns, Wolf In A Suit and Conversations About Her. With these wide-reaching blogs supporting Kitty’s release, we secured placements in mid-tier publications to further Kitty’s online presence. We secured a multitude of these placements, including Couch Mag, The Luna Collective, Purple Melon and FLEX. Overall, Kitty’s press campaign was a huge success, with twenty music blogs sharing Kitty’s gentle-pop hit.

Watch & Listen

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