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Austin Weber

Inspired by early YouTube blogging, David Attenborough animal documentaries, high-school heartbreak, synthesizers and cowboys, Weber is a singer-songwriter who blends great melodies with a touch of humour

Campaign Objective

Austin Weber already had 100k subscribers and had close to 1 million views on a couple of videos from 2020 but recently his videos were only achieving 20k plus so he wanted youtube targeting via an ads campaign to go back into his already subscribed users to make them aware of his music again

Single 'Edith from the Third Floor'


Release Date: 28 April 2023

Highlights & Impact

We ran a Youtube Ads campaign for Austin's music video for new single 'Edith from the Third Floor'. 

A charming video full of signature quirkiness, the visuals match the song's single perfectly. 

More info coming soon

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Watch & Listen

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